Sharing with you a few reflections…

Our time in New York has been interesting to say the least. 
I find whenever Josh and I are away from home, it’s where most of our life goal consultations occur. We both have our hopes and dreams and since we have known each other for a good ten years now, we have adapted to always making sure that our steps forward are exactly where we want them to go… of course this is with flexibility, faith and believing in prayer.

While Josh has been busy at his internship, I have had a lot of time to myself to just breathe in the past few weeks. Back home I feel my days are constantly busy without a break, going from one place to another, filling in as much as I can in 24 hours and so while being here, I’ve had to really enjoy the company of the silence that surrounds me. Its funny because we are right in the center of East Manhattan, where life is buzzing as soon as you leave the building, yet I feel this calmness in our apartment that I cant describe, its as if all my thoughts and emotions are circulating me in this room, and what is going on outside goes completely unnoticed. The first week was hard, I felt so restless, but as the days continued I realised that I have needed this time more than anything else in my life. I have realised when I am on my own, I seek and hold on to exactly what it is that my heart desires and I don’t self-doubt myself…ever. I have learnt that the more you share what means the most to you to others, the more you allow different opinions to influence your purity and state of mind. There are times when it is so necessary to hear the opinions and guidance of others and there are also times when it is so necessary to believe in your own intuition and journey.

 I have also had a lot of time to think about photography and what it is that I am seeking through this form of art. I feel that sometimes I am quite a shy person, always very observant of my environment and quite sentimental. When I sense peoples happiness, I am full of joy; when I see a mother with their child, I could instantly cry at the precious relationship; when siblings are laughing at a personal family joke, all I want to do is capture the moment; when I see grandparents talking to their grandchildren, I want to save those memories so that the family have photographs to last a lifetime. Nine out of ten times I don’t voice these emotions because I am ALWAYS so emotional and for someone that’s not, its quite weird, so in this sense photography is an avenue where I am able to capture the essence which surrounds me and elevates the spirit of my heart quietly. It is after all, those ordinary, every day moments that wind up meaning the most.

I know I am still quite a long way from the standard and style of photography I hope to reach, but I am enjoying the journey of this art, and I know it is more to me than just taking a photo. If I had the confidence to share my thoughts, there would be pages of reflections even on a single photo. For now, I have to believe that everything takes time, and I need to be patient and trust that little-by-little, day-by-day, it will all be more fulfilling and sweeter.