My beautiful cousins daughter, Sienna, is one of the most photogenic little girls. Not only is her personality cheeky and playful, but she has expressions on her face that show her every emotion. Months ago, Elly went for a drive and ended up in Inverleigh, a small rural town in Victoria. We decided to drive out there to see if we could take some photos of Sienna with the scenery. Although the grass was not green anymore, the dry, brown grass, gave the roads another feel. It was beautiful, filled with calmness and peace. The area was absolutely silent. There was not a noise. All you could hear was nature and all you could feel was the heat from the sun. If a car was coming, we could hear it from a mile away and had plenty of time to move off the road - please note, I would never take photos of a child on any other road ;)

These are some of my favourite photos of our day out with Sienna.